ILPO RANTANEN                                     


Basketball coach        My current team: -

Born: 1969                       From: Tampere, Finland


Coaching experience: 32,5 years (started in 1984 at the age of 14)

Top basketball coaching degree: 1995

The golden badge of merit / Finnish Basketball Association 2014 (# 177)

Best accomplishments: 5 Finnish Championships, 4 after the year 2006. 14 gold, silver or bronze medals after the year 2000.

Occupation: History teacher (University of Tampere, 2000)

2016-17         BC Nokia                       Men                               Head coach

- Head coach (interim) from August to December. Record 7-10. Released in December.

2015-16        BC Nokia                      Men                                 Assistant coach

- 3rd place in Korisliiga. Not bad for a newcomer team. An assistant to coach Oliver Vidin.

2014-15       Tampereen Pyrintö      Women                             Head coach

- The rebuilding process continued in the top league, Korisliiga. Record: 8-19 (9th place). Team secured their spot in the league for 2015-16 which was the goal.

2013-14       Tampereen Pyrintö      Women                              Head coach

 - 1st division, women: Record 12-6 (after an 0-3 start), T3rd place. Playoffs, 2-3 against HyPo in the semifinals (18-0 in the regular season).

- Team promoted to the top league for 2014-15 despite the semifinal loss

2012-13       Tampereen Pyrintö       Men                                    Assisistant coach


- Finnish league (Korisliiga): Playoffs, 1st round. Regular season 31-13, 4th place.

- Eurochallenge First round (group stage): 2 wins, 4 losses

- Finnish Cup: Championship

2011-12       Tampereen Pyrintö       Men                                    Assistant coach


- Finnish league (Korisliiga): 4th place

- Finnish cup: 2nd place.

- Eurochallenge, lost to Szolnok (went to Final Four) by 4 points. Won by 8 at home (up by 19 in the 4th quarter), lost by 12 in Szolnok.


+ Men Under 20, National Team. Assistant coach.


2010-11       Tampereen Pyrintö       Men                                    Assistant coach


- Finnish Championship. Most regular season wins ever in Finland (37-7).


+ Girls Under 16, National Team. Assistant coach.


2009-10       Tampereen Pyrintö       Men                                    Assistant coach            


- Finnish Championship (first ever for the club)

- Finnish cup: 2nd place


+ Girls Under 16, National Team (Division A). Head coach


2008-09       Espoo Team                   Women                             Head coach


- Finnish Championship (first ever for the club)

- Finnish cup: Championship


+ Men Under 18, National Team. Assistant coach.


2007-08       BC Nokia                          Women                             Head coach


- Playoffs, first round. Not an excellent accomplishment, but we won 14 games with a team which had won 7 games the season before and won 0 games the season after this one.


+ Girls Under 16, National Team. Head coach. (7-2, 5th place in Division B. Best result ever for Finland by that time)


2006-07       Pantterit, Korihait           Women, men                   Head coach


- Pantterit pulled their team from the league 2 weeks before the season started. Korihait offered a job in October but because the city in 2 hours away from where I live and go to work, I quit in the beginning of January. We started 5-2 (the team was 1-6 before me) but went downhill since. I couldn’t reach my own standards so I quit.


+ Girls Under 15, National Team. Head coach.


2005-06       Pantterit                            Women                             Head coach


- Finnish Championship

- Baltic League: 9th place. Beat teams like Arvi (top 8 in European cup the same season).


2002-05       Tampereen Pyrintö       Women                             Head coach


- A massive rebuilding operation. From not having a team at all to the league in 2 years to the playoffs in the 3rd. 2nd place in girls under 18 competition the first year on the side.


2000-02       Tapiolan Honka, Espoo Women                           Head coach


- Finnish league: 2nd place

- Finnish cup: Championship


1999-2000   Tampereen Pyrintö       Women, WU20, WU18   Head coach


- The women’s team came up from 1st division to the league (the club didn’t accept the spot, though). Both junior teams finished 3rd.


1995-98       Tampereen Pyrintö       Men                                    Head coach


- The team played under the name Pyrbasket. A massive rebuilding operation from the worst team in the league to a regular playoff team (and a winning team) despite losing some key players. However, the 10-11 start in 1998 wasn’t enough according to the management and I was fired just before Christmas even though we had won 4 out of our last 5 games.


+ Girls’ National Teams, head coach 1996-99.


1991-95       Tampereen Pyrintö       Women                             Head coach


- Another massive rebuilding job. From 1st division to top 4 in Finland, one Finnish Championship and 2 silver medals in junior competitions on the side. For the last spring, I was coaching both men and women.


+ Women’s National Team, assistant coach 1994-98.


1990-91       BC Nokia                          Women                             Head coach


- 1st division, average performance. No major accomplishments, learning to be the head coach for a senior team – at the age of 20.


1989-90       FoKoPo, Forssa             Women                             Assistant coach


- Under my military duty, so head coaching was out of the question. As an assistant at Forssa we fulfilled their longtime dream to come up from 1st division to the league.


1984-89       Tampereen Pyrintö       Girls                                   Head coach


- I coached the same team for 5 years. All of the girls started playing my first year and we ended up winning the silver medal for 2th place in girls 16-and-under my last year.





Ilpo Rantanen